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Case studies in problem solving with Microsoft Excel and VBA


Excel Tips

0101 Create a Self-Adjusting Range

0105 Top 10 List With a Consolidated Other Category

0106: 2D lookup

0110: Office 2010 Insert Screenshot

0116 The Excel FORMULATEXT function

0120-1: Banding Rows in an Excel Table

0121: Highlight row and column of selected cell

0122: Ordinal Numbers Suffixes

0123 Unicode and diacritic characters

0131: Extract last token

0201 Freeze Panes and Split Panes

The Excel IF function

Dynamic Text in a Shape

Banded Rows

0301: Conditional Color of Shapes

PowerPivot and Conditional Color of Shapes

0302: Harvey Balls

0401: Numeric and log scale for x axis of Column chart

0610: Draw concentric circles in a XY Scatter chart

0702 Highlight matches to current cell

0806 Generate random numbers in MS Excel

Generate All Permutations

Array Formulas

Conditional formatting icon set to show direction of change

0906: Conway's Game of Life

0907: Binary Clock

0908: Visualize business dependencies in an Excel worksheet

0920: 'Free' money

Tips - Exotic

Property procedures in standard modules


Tips - Excel with VBA

1001: Using Range.Find and implementing FindAll

1002: Exchanging data between Excel and VBA arrays

1011: Array COUNTIF - perform a large number of COUNTIFs on an unsorted array

1031: Worksheet Range to HTML

Index a cell in a multi-area range

Animate a greeting in the form of a stadium wave (also called an audience wave)

1303: Shapes on a Map

Tips - Excel with VBA (Intermediate)

Generate an audio alert

1110 TM Excel Navigator Dynamic Path (Prev Next)


Tips - Excel with VBA (Advanced)

VB(A) access to web pages and web services

Integrating Google Charts into Excel

Using LINQ to open in Excel the newest file in a folder


Tips - VBA


Event Procedures - When are they triggered and in what sequence?

Schedule a Subroutine on a Periodic Basis Each day 

1003 Minimum, maximum, and smallest values

1004 ByVal or ByRef Parameters

1005 Understanding the ParamArray

1016 Office 2010 VBA

1017 Save a global in an Excel workbook

1018 Protect a global variable in another VBProject

1019 Same function different add-ins

1021: Performing multiple tasks in an event procedure

1022: ByRef Arguments with the Application.Run Method

1023: Display a message for a specific duration

1035 Process all files in a folder and, optionally, in all nested sub-folders

1051: Add userform items on the fly

1053: Extend an object's attributes to coordinate multiple userform controls

1054: List in an userform all available fonts

1061: Password Userform module

1102: Ease of reuse of modular code


Tips -- Outlook

1201 Outlook folder info

1205 Outlook Custom Columns