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Excel Tips and Cases

This section brings together a host of tips and case studies that one can use with Excel

Use a non-contiguous range as an argument to an Excel function that appears to expect a single range

Analyze data organized in blocks

Regression analysis -- trendline coefficients

Create a data subset for further analysis
MS Query, array formula, named range, pivot table, auto advanced filter

Highlight the row and column of the selected cell


Excel solutions that require VBA

Enter time in seconds

Set, power set, subset, combination, and permutation

Factors, prime numbers, and prime factors

Hyperlink to code or chart

Find all occurrences through code

Find the minimum of delimited numbers (IP addresses, book chapters, Dewey Decimal Numbers, etc.)

Charting Tips

Read x and y values of any point in a chart


Dual axis clustered column chart

Single chart with dual axis

Invert and rotate charts


Dynamic textbox in chart with custom formatting


Iteration to animate a chart

Distribute charts 

VBA Tips

Progress bar in VBA

Understanding code

How does one read and understand object oriented code?

Property procedures in standard modules

Organized solutions

Generate a random password

Find a set of amounts that match a target value

Track a projectile's path