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You are welcome to contact me with comments, bug reports, or suggestions.  While I do read every comment received, I cannot guarantee immediate action on it.

The information on this website, as well as the utilities and software programs are offered "as-is."  Without a lot of legal talk, you agree that:

  1. The content of this web site is copyright © Tushar Mehta.
  2. I, Tushar Mehta, retain ownership of any software you download and that I grant you a non-exclusive license to use the software;
  3. You will not reverse engineer, de-compile, or otherwise attempt to access the source for any code that I choose to protect;
  4. I retain all intellectual property rights;
  5. You will not hold me responsible for any damage you may suffer from your use, on non-use, of any idea or software you acquire from me;
  6. You will not re-sell, lease, or otherwise transfer, any material you acquire from me;
  7. You agree to these terms by proceeding any further at this site.