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Visual Basic for Application (VBA) code for Excel and Developer-Ready Components


From jeyner w. on Apr 10, 2012:

I have a large amount of books about vba and no one have code like the ones you put here or in mrexcel challenge how come, is a secret books,I want to study with you.


 Getting Excel to write the code

Beyond the macro recorder

Understanding the Excel object model

Writing a User Defined Function (or UDF)

Creating an add-in

The power of Variants

Why won't Excel quit?

Digitally signing code

Understanding code

Accessing embedded or linked objects

Using VBA to work with multiple sheets simultaneously

Associate Excel objects and OnTime and OnKey methods with subroutines with arguments

Monitoring Events

Defensive programming


Developer Aids

Using Mnemonics (constants)

Decode mnemonics (constant values)

Using the Run method of the application object to pass arguments by reference



Object Oriented Programming -- Find the center of a circle

Simple encoding


Ready to use components

A calendar component

Generate timed events