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These utilities and files have undergone reasonable testing and I use most of them for my own work.  However, I do not guarantee they will function under all circumstancesWhile I have programmed the software with professionalism, the truth is that someone somewhere sometime will go beyond what I consider feasible.  If that is you, and the software breaks, you are on your own.

I check the files for viruses before I upload them to the Web site.  According to the virus protection software I use, they are virus-free.   Each product is a single zip archive containing all the necessary files.

Works with Excel 2000 (or later) only.


Here are some utilities that I put together.  Most of these are in response to requests for paid and pro bono help.

Various utilities have been combined into a single add-in

Synchronized scrolling and Workbook windows navigator 

A Excel-based calculator

An interactive graph analyzer

An enhanced find tool