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Works with Excel 2000 (or later) only.


This add-in implements a countdown timer in Excel.  There are two choices, a timer using the status bar or a timer using a modeless userform.

The compressed files

If you need help downloading and installing the add-in, read on.

  1. Download the zipped file by clicking the link above.
  2. Use WinZip (or a competing product) to extract the countdown.xla file.
  3. Run Excel and select Tools | Add-Ins...  Click the Browse... button.  Locate the file extracted in the previous step.  Ensure that the 'Countdown' entry in the Add-Ins list has a checkbox next to it.
  4. The add-in will add a new menu item TM to the Worksheets menu bar.
  5. Under TM, you will find a Utilities | Countdown Timer... entry.  Select it to bring up the Countdown Timer dialog box.

For more details on the installation process, see Common Installation Instructions for Office add-ins

The subsequent process should be self-evident.

The add-in has undergone limited testing and may fail in some specific environments.

Please forward your suggestions, comments, and questions to