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TM Match Target

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This add-in analyzes a list of numbers and finds combinations that sum to a given total.  This has applications in a range of disciplines including processing receipts, reconciling payments such as health care insurance reimbursements or payments by a customer for many outstanding invoices, operations management and operations research, and supply change management.


From Bri G on Mar 3, 2013:

A great product and even better customer service!


Download either the self-installing version or the zip version.

This product includes a trial period.
Please use this period to evaluate the product before registering it for continued use.  A single-user license is USD19.95.  A volume discount is available.

Additional Information

An example workbook

For issues to consider to improve performance and to understand the scope of the software, please check the documentation.

Sum values to target; combination of numbers that equal a value or a given sum; which numbers sum to target


Version 1.0