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TM Table of Contents for Microsoft® Excel®

The TM Table of Contents add-in creates a table of contents (TOC) for an Excel workbook.  The add-in offers several options of what to include in the TOC.

Start with a choice between including specific worksheets in the workbook or all the worksheets.

Then, for the included worksheets, choose from four options as to which cells to include in the TOC: a specific cell from each worksheet; the first used cell; the first cell after each horizontal page break; and finally, the first cell of each summary row  in a sheet outline.

For the options of a specific cell or the first used cell, additional options include a choice between displaying the sheet name or the contents of the cell.

Each entry in the TOC is a hyperlink to the corresponding cell.  Consequently, click on the TOC entry to move to linked cell.

A typical resulting Table of Contents looks like:


Recent Comments

From James T, a Customer Service Supervisor, in South Carolina on August 5, 2011:

Thank you.  I received the key and all is working as expected.  Very nice add-in.


This product includes a trial period.
Please use this period to evaluate the product before registering it for continued use.  A single-user license is USD19.95.  A volume discount is available.


The TM Table of Contents dialog box

The flexibility of the add-in comes through the options in its dialog box.  Details on how to use the options are in the help file or the online documentation.



Version 4.0