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TM Goal Seek

TM Goal Seek enhances the existing user interface to Excel's Goal Seek feature.  The built in Goal Seek is a simple optimization tool that suffices for a large number of scenarios.  The UI, unfortunately, is extremely unwieldy and unfriendly.  TM Goal Seek is a simple add-in that is easier to use than the default dialog box because of three critical benefits:

  1. The target value can be a number or a reference to a cell that contains a number,
  2. The add-in retains values previously entered in the dialog box, and
  3.  One can interact with the worksheet even with the dialog box open.

The motivation to develop the add-in came from work I was doing for a client that involved risk analysis on multiple investment scenarios of financial derivative trades.  The default Goal Seek interface took way too long.


Download either the self-installing version or the zip version.

The add-in is currently in a trial period and is not priced.

It is copyright © Tushar Mehta. 


Version 0.9