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Keywords: Digital clock countdown timer Excel

This add-in displays a floating digital clock that shows either the time in hh:mm:ss or hh:mm format.  In addition it can be configured in a variety of sizes from 10% to 400% of the default size


Download the file.  By doing so you agree that this software is copyright. Tushar Mehta and that you will make no attempt nor will you ask anyone else to access the source code.

Installation instructions

Follow the common instructions to install an add-in.  In the Add-ins dialog box, this add-ins' name is TM Digital Clock.

Using the add-in

To start the clock select the menu item TM | Utilities | Floating clock

To stop the clock, click the X in the clock.

To see the copyright notice hover above the ©.

To visit the author's website click the © button.

To configure the clock click the down arrow in the clock.  This will bring up the Options dialog box..

Works with Excel 2000 (or later) only.